Hellbilly Hideaway Stays Open

DERBY – In what was going to be a sad weekend for patrons of Hellbilly Hideaway turned out to be anything but.Hellbilly Hideaway is located at the Border Motel on Route 5. Up until last week, co-owners Serena and Ira Morgan faced closing the popular bar because the town planned to sell the property at a tax auction. The Village of Derby also shut off the water because the owner had not paid the water taxes. However, that has all changed and the future of the bar is safe for now.“The owner of the motel worked out a lease agreement with somebody who wanted to manage it,” said Ira Morgan of the motel. “The new manager took care of all the water bills and whatnot.”The person who leased the motel is working on cleaning it to make the property look “real nice,” Morgan said.Ira Morgan is delighted with the news that the bar will remain open. “You never want to go out of business on someone else’s terms,” he said. “When and if we decide to close the doors, we want to make that decision, not be forced into it.”According to Ira Morgan, many of the bar’s customers were happy about it remaining open.“We opened up Friday night and started letting people know,” said Ira Morgan. “Some people came in with tears, sad we were closing. We told them we were staying open and there were smiles all around.”The tax sale is still a possibility, but Ira Morgan is hopeful everything will work out.