Highland Cattle Donates to NEKCA Food Shelf

NEWPORT CITY - The freezers at the Northeast Kingdom Community Action (NEKCA) food shelf are full this week, due in large part to a donation of meat and cheese totaling around $3,000 from Fran and Melanie Azur, owners of the Vermont Highland Cattle Company. The meat was a mixture of ground beef, assorted cuts and selections along with several pounds of cheese. The meat comes from animals that were grass fed and locally raised. It is high quality and low in fat. This donation of meat and cheese has come just when the food shelf was running very low. NEKCA officials say that more people are asking for help, in part because individuals are running out of food stamps before the end of the month. A community survey conducted last year found that 51 percent of food stamp recipients run out before month's end, 47 percent don’t have enough income to purchase food, and 23 percent of those in need of food stamps are not eligible.“We have a huge demand for food at the food self,” said Joe Patrissi, Executive Director for NEKCA. “We are honored to have such support over the last 12 months from the Azurs and the rest of the crew from Vermont Highland Cattle Company.”