Ice Fishing Season Wraps Up

MORGAN - Ice fishing on Lake Seymour is reported to being spotty this year, but Morgan resident Bud Bergh, who has ice fished on Seymour for over 40 years, says it's just another average year.Bergh said some people complain that they aren't getting good results, but he notes, “If they don't get 100 fish, they aren't happy,” and adds, “It averages out over time.” Bergh said between himself, his wife Ginny and daughter Briana, they caught six fish, mostly lake trout, in excess of 5 pounds this season. “We caught a lot of 4 pounders this year.”Two weekends ago, his daughter Briana pulled in a 25-plus-inch lake trout and the next day he caught a 27 inch, 8-pound lake trout.Bergh did see one change in ice fishing this year, which may be attributed to Hurricane Irene. “There were no smelt in the river by the access area.” “I don't know if it's a silt factor or something else, but I could catch smelt in deeper water, not in the mouth of the brook.”Ice fishing season ended March 16, although ice had retreated from the lakes in many areas due to unseasonably warm weather. Temperatures are expected to be in the high 60s all week.