If You’re Sick, You’re not Alone

Newport, VT - A virus is spreading across the state making people feel miserable, including here in Orleans County. Some people are ending up in the Emergency Department (ED) at North Country Hospital.“It comes on quickly,” said Allison Sturtevant, MD. “Nausea and vomiting are the most common symptoms. Generalized achiness and low grade temperature are other symptoms.  Initially people had diarrhea with the vomiting but that is not as much lately.” Dr. Sturtevant is a doctor in the ED. “The bug is a viral illness and not the influenza virus. It is another virus causing the gastroenteritis symptoms,” she said.  “There are many viruses that can cause gastroenteritis symptoms. This bug is lasting usually 1 to 3 days, although sometimes shorter and sometimes longer.  Some people are vomiting once and others for a couple of days.”Dr. Sturtevant has some advice about what people can do if they contract the virus.“People should not try fluids for at least a half an hour after they vomited so as to give their stomach a rest, and then just sips,” Dr. Sturtevant said. “The majority of patients will recover at home.” However, she suggests that patients consult their primary care doctor if they have questions.As for trying to avoid this pesky bug, one thing people can do is to wash their hands often. It won’t guarantee they won’t get it, but it is a good preventative measure.