Illuzzi ponders a new path: FROM LAWMAKER TO LOBBYIST

DERBY – State Senator Vince Illuzzi might be out of the political game, at least for now, but apparently he will continue to serve Vermonters.Illuzzi, who served the people of Orleans and Essex Counties, decided not to seek re-election for the senate but instead ran unsuccessfully against Doug Hoffer for state auditor. Now Illuzzi is considering acting as a lobbyist.During an interview Sunday, Illuzzi said three organizations offered him a contract to do part-time lobbying. After 32 years of being in the state senate, it would be nice to stay involved in some capacity, he said. The Vermont State Employees Association is the organization he is seriously considering. Illuzzi would not identify the other organizations.“I’ve been a strong supporter of Vermont state employees for over three decades,” said Illuzzi. “Those who follow the legislature closely know that I’ve really worked hard to ensure they have a fair and safe workplace.” In 2008, Illuzzi led the effort to close the Bennington State Office Building because it was making employees sick. One employee got ill enough to become blind on one eye.Illuzzi also received every award the Vermont State Employee Association has given out to legislators.“It’s not like I’d be lobbying on issues that I am not familiar with or that I disagree with,” said Illuzzi. “Since it would be a team effort, it would be part-time.”Illuzzi predicts he will make a decision about the position by mid-December. He would not say who at the Vermont State Employees Association contacted him. Duties include working with members of the Vermont State Employees Association and attending meetings. Illuzzi declined to discuss the terms of the proposed contract.The Vermont State Employees Association consists of 5,200 state, non-exempt and non-elected state workers. The major focus of the association is safety and fairness in the workplace.If Illuzzi takes on the contract, he will continue to operate his law practice in Orleans and his state’s attorney position in Essex County.