NEWPORT, VT - An independent is making the rounds around Vermont and she is claiming that Vermont Public Radio is manipulating the outcome of the election.Emily Peyton, who was in Newport last week, is running for governor, but not many people know it.“The major news will depend on poll numbers to cover a candidate, but without coverage, how can the public learn about a candidate to bring up the poll numbers, especially when the poll questions exclude the candidate’s name?” she asks.Peyton is running on a platform of creating jobs through getting more money or value into circulation by establishing public banking, something that has been done successfully in North Dakota, making them the only state with job and income growth and a budget surplus. She also would like to see a resurgence in Vermont manufacturing with the reintroduction of industrial hemp. The Newport Express asked Peyton how she planned to handle that industrial hemp as a fiber crop is still prohibited by the Federal Government.“The Federal prohibition is illegal from many standpoints, but the most obvious one is the fact that the USA is now the world’s biggest importer. How can we legally import something and be barred from exporting it? If we are offering Canada “most-favored Nation status” in the NAFTA ( North American Free Trade Agreement) to import, we must first offer that same status to ourselves, or else we do not have that status to give away.”  Peyton calls herself a ‘walking teacher,’ educating people she meets about the uses of industrial hemp. she sees houses built from the core material and limestone, car and bike bodies built from the fiber, in a manner similar to fiberglass only, she says, stronger. She says the houses will use 75% less energy and be fire proof mold proof and pest proof. “It’s a win win-win-win for Vermont.” Peyton describes how Henry Ford made car bodies from the hemp fiber, with the fuel for his burgeoning industry coming from hemp and flax seed. When asked about the high thc cannabis marijuana, Peyton says she is for full legalization. “When I was younger, I smoked it, but now it doesn’t turn me on. What does turn me on are the cures for cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and melanomas that I have researched. Prosperity for Vermont also turns me on.” She will advocate to apply alcohol laws to recreational marijuana use. Peyton says she will direct Vermont law enforcement personnel to protect our right to grow cannabis.  Peyton is not seeking any donations for her campaign. “I feel its very important not to owe anyone or any group any favors and I challenge the capacity of any politician to make clean decisions after accepting campaign donations.” She also describes herself as a leader, but not a politician. “Word of mouth is most effective,” she says, “and we have to receive over 130,000 votes to win” “We have heard of beautiful handmade signs for me. I have yet to see them, but I have seen nice ones for Sims. Others put window paint on the back of their car windows. My campaign supervisor thought up the slogan: "Be happy, vote Peyton.”When asked about health care, Peyton replied: “Many people are focusing on the way to pay for health care and leaving out the factors for bad health, which are financial stress, toxins, and lack of personal freedom.”  Peyton advocates for a system where the state invests in health care education in return for service, leaving out the insurance companies and malpractice claims, much like the successful Cuban model, which was the first country to make health care a human right. “Cubans enjoy better health today, and cheaply, too. Its best to imitate success where we find it.” "Vermonters who want to be able to sue their doctors can pay commercial insurance companies and criminal action takes care of doctors who commit crimes,” she added.When asked about commercial wind, Peyton makes it clear that she feels that decentralized power is the way to empower the people of Vermont. “We have the technology to make each household an energy station, and thereby give Vermonters more freedom from utilities. I want to push Vermont to get off petroleum soon, to decentralize its power structure, and create a better bridge with the legislature so the consent of Vermonters is integrated in the governing process. Vermont wants to end its support of endless war, and I am the only candidate who will stand up for Vermont in that regard. With suicide rates exceeding all other deaths in the military, its time Vermont take a stronger stand, and I will also take a stand against the F-35s. We need the kind of productive jobs that help people’s good natures to emerge, not those that encourage oppression or fear.”  Peyton says she will be back in Newport Saturday, the 29th, for the Fall foliage festival.