Irasburg debates wind project with VEC rep

IRASBURG – On Monday evening, residents faced off with representatives from Vermont Electric Corporative (VEC) and Green Mountain Power (GMP) over the Kingdom Community Wind Project. The meeting, held at the town hall, was part of the regular select board meeting.Answering questions raised by Dr. Ron Holland, David Hallquist of VEC said the actual cost of generating power, after figuring in the capacity factor is between nine and ten cents a kilowatt, which is before any renewable energy credits.The towers are designed to have a maximum capacity of 63 megawatts, however, the actual amount of energy generated, said Holland, is only 28.42 percent of that. Wind is ineffective, said Holland, because it will not have an impact on global warming nor have a reduction in CO2 emissions. “The word effective means to me you’re having some impact,” said Holland. For every megawatt generated by "all kinds of renewables," there are seven megawatts coming from fossil fuels. "There's no carbon tax, no cap and trade for burning more fossil fuels. That's why we have a stale policy. It's absolutely necessary to address this problem." Wind energy is an effective source of power and does not address the underlying issues presented by the use of fossil fuels.“You can’t solve a problem by rewarding good behavior, you have to do something about bad behavior. The bad behavior is the cost of fuels,” Holland added.