DERBY – An Orleans Superior Court judge has denied IROC’s request for more time to get its financing in order before taking the property. Attorney Phil White, the Executive Director of IROC (Indoor Recreation of Orleans Country), had filed a motion with the court asking for an extension of the redemption period to get financing before losing the facility.“We are sorely disappointed in this decision by the Superior Court…” White said in statement. “We have made great progress during recent weeks in generating additional revenues necessary to support refinancing. We will be meeting with VEDA and our area legislators this week. We will continue in this fight to save IROC even though the decision by the Court made this significantly harder.”Despite the massive hurdles, White continues to work tirelessly to garner funds and support. Towns across the region were asked for appropriations in exchange for memberships for all their youth and discounted rates for adults. Only a handful of towns supported the question, agreeing to give a combined total $32,500. But that amount is up from $4,000 just two years ago. For more of this story, see Tuesday's edition of The Newport Daily Express for March 19, 2013.