Irockets ‘Rise Like Phoenix’

NEWPORT CITY - The Irockets swim team is resilient, to say the least, with iron-willed swimmers overcoming obstacles to participate in the sport they love. In 2005 the now defunct recreational facility known as IROC opened, featuring a field house and swimming pool. The pool was sized to allow for competitive swim meets, which inspired Dr. Peter Stuart and other swim enthusiasts to start a team to introduce the sport to area youth. The sport grew in popularity such that by the time IROC closed in the spring of 2013 there were 34 kids who were part of the Irockets team.Many parents volunteered to build the swim program, including Ted Chitambar, Veronica Jedlovszky and Gwen Bailey-Rowe, among others. When IROC finally shut the doors, the young swimmers didn’t give up; instead they convinced their parents to find another venue. Starting in September the program moved to Lyndon State College with about half of the team picking up where they left off. The move south gave an opportunity for several youth in the Lyndonville and St. Johnsbury area to join the team, according to Chitambar.Please see The Newport Daily Express Tuesday for the complete story.