NEWPORT CITY – A Newport City man who burglarized a downtown business will serve two concurrent 98-days to six year sentences for his crime, concurrent with an existing sentence. Christopher Roupe, 24, also agreed to pay restitution to the tune of $1,000 but does not currently have the money.Last Wednesday, Roupe entered a plea of guilty to two charges of burglary.Dec. 18, 2011, Frank Richardi, owner the Lago Tratoria Restaurant, reported a theft from his business on Main Street in Newport City. Richardi told police that someone forced opened an exterior door to his business and stole several items including numerous bottles of liquor and gift cards. This was the second burglary at the restaurant in a week.During an interview with police, Roupe admitted to being involved in the second burglary. Roupe told police that he and a second man used a crowbar to force their way through the front entrance at 3 a.m. on Dec, 18, 2011. He said they stole 17 bottles of liquor. The men brought the bottles to a Main Street apartment. They later returned to the restaurant and Roupe forced opened a cash machine and found a large amount of coins. The men then left through a backdoor.Roupe said he used the money to buy a gallon of milk.During a second interview with police, Roupe said he had broken into the Sharpening Shed and had stolen the crowbar he'd used at the restaurant.Roupe's alleged accomplice, Andrew Foren told police Roupe assisted him in the second burglary attempt and Tyler Glodgett assisted him in the first. Foren blamed Glodgett for vandalizing the cash machine. Foren also said he believes Glodgett took some money.During a search of the Main Street apartment, police recovered numerous bottles of liquor.