Jay’s Clubhouse Grille Goes Mexican

JAY PEAK - The Jay Peak resort has three flagship restaurants on the premises, each with a great taste and distinctive flavor. About two weeks ago, the Clubhouse Grille, which is the winter headquarters of the Nordic Cross Country Ski Center, introduced a new menu with Mexican food as the theme.Head Chef Tosca Smith, who is in her second winter on the mountain, explains, "Bill Stenger has seen some very diverse foods in his trips around the world. He really wanted us to feature something new that everyone would enjoy. Mexican food is very familiar to Americans and Canadians as well as the folks that come to Jay from overseas. Ethnically speaking, Mexican food is the world’s favorite. It seemed like a natural choice that everyone would enjoy.”The location of the Clubhouse Grille, very familiar to golfers over the spring, summer, and fall months, has plenty of ample parking and a shuttle service if you are staying at the hotels on the grounds. If you want to be off the beaten track and get away to a quieter meal, the Clubhouse Grille can make that a reality.Tosca Smith, a Montgomery native, has 25 years in the food industry. She has run her own catering business as well as managed restaurants and she sees the benefits of preparing Mexican dishes. “They are healthy with no starch; it’s gluten free," she said. "It’s great for those who are watching their weight and still want the great taste. It appeals to a vegan diet as well. There is no heavy cream involved. Vegetables and rice are two main ingredients. It’s prepared without butter and it’s easy to prepare. We make everything authentically from scratch and people love the spice. It’s not about the hot though, it’s the taste, the layering of the delicious Mexican ingredients that make it all about the flavor.”The Clubhouse Grille is open Thursday through Sundays. The Thursday and Friday hours for dinner are 5 to 9 PM while the weekend hours go 3 PM to closing. And Tosca reminds, ”It’s really worth the trip.”