Junior High Girls’ Golf Program a Success

This past school year a North Country Junior High Girls Golf Club was created. Starting with an organizational meeting in November that was coordinated by John Gunn, physical education teacher at NCUJH, and Brian Hampton, the head varsity girls’ golf coach of North Country Union High School.The duo discussed the program with a number of girls interested in starting the club. In the spring three girls, 7th graders Katie Goulet, Dehlia Wright, and Dasha Plotnikov, followed up on the initial meeting by joining the program. Katie Goulet comes from a family very much involved in sports and in particular golf, both on her father’s side and mother’s (Rivard). Already experienced in the ways of the course, she worked on fine tuning her swing and working on what coach Hampton calls “situation shots”.Goulet also got a taste of the varsity experience, participating in one tournament showing that as a 7th grader, she can already compete at a high school level.Dehlia Wright is involved in a number of sports, and has some experience in golf. She worked on improving her contact with the ball, and towards the end of the season was hitting some very impressive shots. Dasha Plotnikov is one of those athletes who is hard wired with excellent hand eye coordination and can hit anything with anything. This was obvious the first time she picked up a club. Throughout the spring she worked on aiming and club selection. Overall, the girls covered every aspect of the game, working on putting, fairway shots, sand traps as well as the short and long game. All in all, it was a successful start of Junior High girls golf, and means that the Falcons have a nice feeder program to ensure that their golf program stays competitive in the future.