Ladouceur Strikes Deal in Charleston Assault Case

NEWPORT CITY – Judge Robert Bent handed down a 48 month to 10-year prison sentence, with credit for time served, to 25-year-old Andrew Ladouceur of Derby for attempted burglary of an occupied dwelling.In exchange for a full confession and testifying against co-defendant, Deonate McNeil, 24, the state gave Ladouceur a lighter sentence and dismissed felony charges of aggravated assault, unlawful restraint and attempted assault and robbery with a weapon.Ladouceur turned himself in to police on Oct. 15, 2010, in Derby. He pleaded guilty Oct. 20, 2011.Donelle Morin, who was attacked in her home on Oct. 15, 2010, recently told the court that she had a vivid memory of the incident that left her injured for the rest of her life. Morin sustained several gunshot wounds and stab wounds during the altercation. Algi Dubauskas, who owns a camp near Morin’s home, said he heard two gunshots and someone yelling for help. He walked up the hill to the residence where he saw Morin screaming for help. Morin said she had been robbed and told Dubauskas to call the police. Morin had blood coming from her mouth and leg. Dubauskas saw a man running on a path and up a hill behind Morin’s house. He also said that he saw a pickup truck parked on Route 5A and a man exit the woods and get into the truck.According to statements and evidence gathered at the time, two men came to Morin's home and reportedly said they needed help with a broken down truck. Morin, who thought the men were casing her home, refused to let them into her house. She discretely called the police and took photos of the men with her cell phone.Somehow, the men convinced Morin to drive them to their truck. Once in the vehicle, McNeil allegedly pulled a revolver and pointed it at Morin’s head. Morin said the men wanted her to take them into her residence. Morin, who feared for her life, tried to disarm the gunman by grabbing for the barrel and attempted to point the gun back towards one of them in case it went off, which it did. Ladouceur stabbed Morin in her hand and arm. McNeil got control of the gun and the two men exited the car and went to the driver’s side and looked for Morin’s cell phone. The men attempted to force Morin towards the front steps of her house but loosened their grip when they heard a car go by, giving Morin a chance to get away. Morin got back in the car and locked the doors, but the keys were not in the vehicle. The men approached Morin’s car and McNeil allegedly fired a shot into the driver side window. Morin's hand was injured and she thought they were going to shoot her in the head, so she said, “Okay, okay, don’t shoot me.” Instead, the men pulled Morin out of the car. Morin said Ladouceur either punched her or stabbed her. The men tried to bring Morin to her house, but she escaped. She was shot while trying to runaway. Morin ran across the road where she hid until she flagged someone down.According to court records, Morin sustained multiple lacerations and several bullet wounds.Speaking to the court, Friday, Morin said it would be nice to have reparative justice and that Ladouceur pay back the people who have helped her as well as pay back her financial loses.