Lake Region Tennis Set for 2012 Campaign

ORLEANS— “Senior leadership and senior contribution,” are what coach Laura Laramee says will be the key to Lake Region’s run during the 2012 Tennis season. “We are a very senior heavy team and I am looking for those girls to carry the load,” she would go on to add.While tennis may not be as popular as the Big 3 of Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball, the blue and white still have 12 girls willing to test their skill on the blacktop.Coming off a season where they finished 6-6 overall, coach Laramee sees improvement on the horizon, and feels that her team can become an upper echelon team in Division 3. “It hurt to see Trisha [Morley] and Darcie [Burke] not to come back this year because they are great players, but work and future careers take precedent over athletics and I applaud them for making the right choice.”When asked about the non-move to Division 2 like the rest of the school, Laramee was pleased with the decision saying, “Without a feeder program in the area, D-3 is really where we belong.”Seniors Kelly Leblanc and Desirae Colorado will look to have strong showings in their singles match-ups, while fellow seniors Cassie Desmarais, Miranda Beaudry, Shannon Dunleavy and Kaitlyn Wright will also participate in singles.Juniors Cassidy Weiss and Brianna Fontaine, along with sophomores Alison Desjardins and Jasmyn Carpentier and freshmen Araceli Derbyshire and Shaylyn Beaton will vie for spots on the doubles teams.The season kicks off for LR when they play host to the St. Johnsbury Academy Hilltoppers, Saturday, April 14th. Lake Region plays their home meets at the Courts in Derby and the matches are set to begin at