Landfill Awarded Permit To Expand

COVENTRY – The state authorized the garbage dump in Coventry to accept a lot more trash. The Environmental Commission #7 issued a Land Use Permit to New England Waste Services of Vermont (NEWSVT) to take in up to 600,000 tons per year compared to the previous 370,000 per year. The increased rate per day went from 2,500 to 5,000 tons.There were numerous concerns by individuals and organizations over the increase of waste coming into the area, including additional truck traffic.The City of Sherbrooke in Quebec adopted a resolution objecting to the increase of tonnage at the site. Many residents in Quebec attain their drinking water from the international Lake Memphremagog. The water already has some problems, and residents are concerned about potential runoff of waste. The lake is down gradient from the landfill. During the official questions and comments period to the Vt. Agency of Natural Resources, one person asked: Why does our lake have to be at risk if the liner breaks?NEWSVT responded that the state requires the latest technologies in landfill design and construction and operation. The landfill is required to monitor possible impacts of the landfill through surface and ground water monitoring. If the surface or groundwater sampling results indicate an impact as a result of the landfill, the landfill would be required to determine the issue and remediate with a corresponding corrective action.Please see The Newport Daily Express Wednesday for the complete story.