LeBlanc And Snelgrove Fight Over Trespass and Partition Issues

From left are Randall Mathison (friend) and David and Herman LeBlanc.
Ed Barber
Staff Writer

Once again Herman LeBlanc and his Memphremagog Lake neighbor Robert Snelgrove are facing off in court. A hearing this past Tuesday in civil court found Herman and his son David LeBlanc as plaintiffs to a trespass claim. The charge is based on the construction of a 50 foot long retaining wall, up to ten feet high that is located on LeBlancs property courtesy of Snelgrove. A second issue involves partition. Years ago Herman LeBlanc gave each of his children a quarter share of three Newport Center properties. A verbal life estate allows LeBlanc to live in the lake front house for the rest of his life. But with Snelgrove purchasing three of the four shares, a motion has been made to partition the property or place on the market and split the proceeds. Read more in the Newport Daily Express.