DERBY - When Amy Jacobs was expecting a child two years ago, she knew she was at risk but made a choice to have her child and love and support him no matter what. Now Amy and Bart Jacobs have a beautiful boy, James, who will turn two in April. James was born with Down Syndrome, a condition caused by an extra chromosome. The condition is associated with mild to moderate intellectual disability, a characteristic facial appearance, and weak muscle tone in infancy according, to the government’s genetic reference webpage.But James acts like a typical, energetic toddler who plays with his toys, walks around his house with a purpose, plays with his many friends, and interacts with those around him. He shows emotion, can say a few words, knows some sign language and feeds himself. He even kicks around a soccer ball.For more of this story, see Friday's edition of The Newport Daily Express for March 22, 2013.