LRUHS BOARD: Student Leadership Council Gives Report On Bullying Survey

BARTON- Seniors Nicole Roy and Emily Millar, members of the Student Leadership Council along with faculty advisor Erikka Adams gave a Power Point presentation to the Lake Region Union High School board. The board opened the December 2 meeting with a well thought out report on the subject of bullying, how to recognize it, respond to it, and ways to educate other students. The presentation was developed after talking to other students about their experiences. “If bullies are not reprimanded, the person being bullied has to go see that they don’t get into trouble, which causes more problems for the victim,” one of the students surveyed remarked. “There are older forms of bullying like slamming someone into a locker,” observed Roy. “Now it’s cyberbullying. If you give up on a friend and spread rumors, that’s a part of it.”The students looked at the causes of bullying, including disunity among the student community, compensating for low self-esteem, and being the subject of rumors.“We’re trying to get the students to see what bullying is,” explained Millar. “We’d like more workshops, student assemblies, and homeroom discussions. We can raise awareness that way.”Please see The Newport Daily Express Wednesday for the complete story.