Lt. Gov. Scott Speaks At Rotary

NEWPORT CITY - Lt. Gov. Phil Scott spoke to the Newport Rotary Club at the Gateway Center Tuesday, which was the club’s annual veterans’ recognition luncheon.“We should really treat every day like Veterans’ Day,” said Scott. “The one or two days we officially recognize them is certainly not enough.”Tuesday happened to be the anniversary of President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Lincoln’s brief address was to declare the battlefield where more than 50,000 soldiers were killed or wounded a national cemetery. Scott said that there were still uniforms and horse skeletons on the field when Lincoln spoke. Scott then recited Lincoln’s two-minute address. After concluding, Scott said, “What I think this speech really says is those who are dear to us, in the land they protect, are bigger than our words will ever be. We remember them and honor them by remembering and serving them as they served us.”Please see The Newport Daily Express Friday for the complete story.