LOWELL – The Richardson family of Lowell is lucky to be alive. Angel and Brian Richardson were traveling in separate vehicles on the Mines Road in Lowell just before 3 a.m. Saturday when they and their cars suddenly ended up in a large hole. After they had climbed out, water and rocks showered down on their stranded vehicles and the hole got a lot deeper.Angel didn't see the washout due to the rain and darkness and drove into the hole. The car stopped in an uncontrolled position at the bottom. Alex Richardson, 16, was riding with Angel.Brian, following, also didn't see the washout and followed Angel's car into the hole, Lt. Kirk Cooper of the Vermont State Police said. Brian saw the rear lights of his wife's car disappear and turned the wheel so his car wouldn't land on top of hers, said Lowell Road Commissioner Reg Pion. Brian's car still struck Angel's car. For more of this story, see Tuesday's edition of The Newport Daily Express for April 23, 2013.