NEWPORT CITY – On any given morning, approximately 65 individuals make their way to the Behavioral Health Services (BAART) clinic on Union Street for their daily dose of methadone before going about their day.Until Feb. 25, BAART dispensed methadone from a van parked at the recycling center on Coventry Street. BAART moved the dispensing site to the office site because of security and safety concerns for staff and clients, despite the fact that, in January, a gunman tried to rob the office for drugs.BAART provides services to individuals suffering withdrawal systems from heroin and pain medications. In Newport, about 90 percent of the clients are addicted to prescription pain medications, clinic director Alan Aiken said. Methadone helps stabilize the patient's body and eliminates the craving so the person can be a productive part of society. Aiken stressed that the individuals in the program are good people who have a problem and are looking to get better.For more of this story, see Monday's edition of The Newport Daily Express for March 25, 2013.