Morgan School Students Ready to Move On

MORGAN - It was a bitter-sweet day for Morgan students Friday, their last day of school. They were sad as the E. Taylor Hatton School is closing, but happy as many are looking forward to attending Derby Elementary School. Morgan voters decided at the March Town Meeting to send the 34 kindergarten through sixth grade students to Derby rather than keeping the school open.Principal Miriam Benson said the transition has gone smoothly and now it’s not that big of a deal. "We're all moving on and it’s good, but we’re all going to miss Morgan, of course.”Parent Brandi Parker was attending the end of the year cook-out party at the school Friday. She said she knows Derby is a good school. Her son Tate is going into first grade at Derby Elementary and is looking forward to it. “There are more people that I can be friends with,” he said.Morgan students have visited the Derby school on different days to meet peers and teachers. Benson says a larger peer group is important. “Education is a social endeavor,” she said.Morgan may have been a small school, but it was not lacking academically, Benson said. However, the technology was not up to others school’s levels, such as Derby.All teachers from the E. Taylor Hatton School who wanted teaching jobs found them, Benson said. As for her, she is retiring. Most staff members also found jobs but a few are still looking for new positions.What will become of the Morgan School has yet to be decided, Benson said, but it might be used as a community gathering place.