NEW YORK – The Investigation Discovery Network will be launching a new reality television series about the minds of murderers, tentatively called "Murder in Mind." Producers have been looking for murders where the motive is not always clear. One such case, at least in the eyes of program officials, is the death of Charles Billis at the hands of his wife Christine."The premise of the show is about the psychological workings behind murders," explained Melissa Peltier, co-owner of MPH Entertainment. "We're looking for cases that are different; where you ask the questions what, why.""You can look at Christine as this sort of diabolical black widow who planned this perfect murder or you can look at her as somebody who had just hit bottom and was desperate and this was a desperate murder-suicide gone wrong," said Peltier. "Probably the truth falls somewhere in between."For more of this story, see Wednesday's edition of The Newport Daily Express for March 27, 2013.