NCUHS Band Heads to Disney World

NEWPORT CITY – The North Country Union High School Board of Directors breezed through November’s meeting, held Tuesday evening, in under one hour.Under the principal’s report, the board approved a request for the school’s band to take a field trip to Disney World in Florida next November. Band Director William Prue stated in his request that the students would have the opportunity to participate in workshops with Disney’s Fine Arts professionals. Students will also have an opportunity to perform at Downtown Disney. Prue wanted to have the field trip scheduled around the Veterans Day weekend so students would not miss any school.The anticipated cost of the trip is about $525. Students will raise the money with fundraisers such as discount cards, bake sales at concerts, a fudge sale, bingo, a raffle and pizza discount cards.The board also approved a request for a Lyndon Institute student to take part in North Country’s Girls Ice Hockey Program. The request is contingent upon her not displacing a North Country student who wishes to play. The name of the student is Emily Doty. Board member Richard Nelson spoke very highly of Doty.“She’s an outstanding young lady,” said Nelson. Nelson said Doty played hockey with his son. “She’s skilled, she’d make a good addition to the team and she’s a pleasant, bright and articulate young lady.”The board also approved a bid with St. Onge for winter maintenance of the North Country Schools. Prices include $450 for plowing and $250 for salting the high school yard. The price for the junior high will be $190 for plowing and $135 for salting. The price at the Land Lab will be $55 for plowing and $40 for salting. The price for the American Legion Parking Lot will be $0 for plowing and $75 salting. North Country pays for salting the Legion yard in exchange for the Legion allowing overflow student parking in their lot. The price for all properties is per time.