A New Lift for Christmas Dinner

NEWPORT, VT - Tim Daley of Newport last year took over as host and coordinator of the annual Newport Christmas Dinner. The event has been held at the American Legion Post 21 in Newport for more than 20 years. This year, for the 28th annual dinner, Daley decided that he would not have the party at the Legion with out a lift to assist individuals in getting up the stairs. Daley also said that he would help in the fundraising effort to make the lift a reality. Daley mentioned his plans to Fran and Melanie Azur of Newport Town. The Azures wanted to know if the Christmas dinner and the lift benefit the community, which they do, said Daley. The Azures donated the $3,500 to cover the cost of the lift and have also contributed in helping the Christmas Dinner event move forward.This coming year, Daley has some special surprises in the works to make the event even more spectacular and festive for celebrants. The planning includes collaboration with several area artists. Daley is co-hosting the event with the Wooden Horse Arts Guild.The event as of last year is called the Annual Esther and Reynold Choiniere Christmas Dinner to honor the couple who planned the event for many years.