Newport Bar Has New Owners, New Atmosphere

NEWPORT CITY – There soon will be a new restaurant and pub downtown.Laurie Staples, owner of Staples Family LLC, will open The Crews Nest next month. It will be located at the former Griff’s Pub. The restaurant and pub will have a seating capacity of 52 to 56. It will serve lunch and early bird dinners and have a pub atmosphere in the evenings. Staples predicts the pub will have a wide customer base including the 20- and 30-year-olds who want to enjoy a drink and some entertainment, such as sports on large screen TVs and possibly music. “What I picture is being able to do a crossover of both,” said Staples. “You’re going to have your lunch and early evening supper crowd. Then you’ll have a little bit of turnover where people can come, enjoy themselves and drink responsibly.”There will be a pool table and dart lanes, but the pub will not have live music out of respect for the residents of the neighboring senior housing.“We would like to be as family oriented as we can,” said Staples. She said other family members own Roaster’s Café and Deli in Derby. “We will actually be serving some of their desserts by signature on our menu.”Staples husband, Ryan, will manage The Crews Nest.“We think we will do well,” said Staples, who noted that few places have the type of atmosphere the business will offer.Staples envisions the pub will be a “Cheers” type establishment, “Where you can come in and meet people know you.”As a security measure, Staples will install a camera focused on the municipal parking lot. The pub will also have a door attendant to check identification on busy evenings. Staples is working with an individual who might be a designated driver. Staples will do in-house training on necessary topics including sexual harassment, alcohol regulations and Department of Labor laws.