Newport Business Helps Local Officer Be Safe

HARDWICK - Thanks to a Newport business owner, Hardwick’s Police Department’s K9, Atos, recently became a bit safer while performing his duties.This past fall, Atos became the owner of a bullet and stab protective vest thanks to Claire Beaulieu, owner of Claire’s Home Comfort Cleaning.Beaulieu paid $950 for the vest after reading about them in the newspaper.“To me these dogs need to be vested,” said Beaulieu. “They’re protecting our officers.”Police dogs get into potentially dangerous situations such as manhunts and drug detection. In many cases police dogs will be attacked before the human officers, Beaulieu said.Beaulieu chose Atos because its handler, Mike Glodgett, lives in the Newport area and is a longtime friend of hers. She said she also checked with Newport City Police, but that department already had a vest for its dog, as does the State Police.Please see The Newport Daily Express Tuesday for the complete story.