Newport Man Jailed for Allegedly Kicking Victim in the Head

NEWPORT, VT - Glen Boule, 19, of Newport, pleaded not guilty last Tuesday to a charge of aggravated assault for allegedly kicking a man in the head while the victim was wrestling with a third party.Boule was held at the time on $5,000 bail and given a list of conditions including to to submit a DNA sample to the Newport City Police Department within 20 days.Feb. 8, around 7 PM, City Police Officer J. Lillis was called to a report of a fight at the intersection of Pleasant and Third streets in Newport. When the officer arrived, the fight had broken up and the parties had disappeared. About a half hour later, Shawn Snell, 33, of Newport, called police to say that he had been kicked in the head by Boule. Snell said he had gone to see Boule because Boule owed him some money, but that he was attacked by an unknown individual who wrestled him to the ground. Officer Lillis noted that Boule had injuries to his face.Snell said he called an ambulance when he became woozy and that there were details about the initial assault that he couldn't remember after being kicked. He also reported having serious pain.FSU Officer Andre Laliberty executed an emergency arrest warrant and lodged Boule at the Northern State Correctional Facility. Laliberty said he noticed Boule had an injury on his hand.Boule is charged with "attempting to cause serious bodily injury or causing such injury purposely, knowingly, or recklessly under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life."