Newport Rec Hosts Punt, Pass & Kick Competition

NEWPORT–The Newport Rec. Department hosted the NFL’s annual Punt, Pass & Kick competition at Prouty beach earlier this week.The kids, ages 10-15, tested their skills in the three categories, and the winner gets a chance to move and possibly compete at the regionals in Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots.Last year Tori Kinney made it all the to the Pat’s home where she placed third in New England.“It was very cool. I have loved the Pats since I was four years old,” said Kinney.Here are the results from the competition:Girls:Ages 10-11 1st-Hailey Pothier 97' 7", 2nd-Makayla Kinney 95' 6"Ages 14-15 1st-Alysha Grenier 112' 9", 2nd-Victoria Kinney 90' 11"Boys:Ages 10-11 1st-Isiak Pothier 203' 2", 2nd-Nick Winters 167' 6", 3rd-Patrick Young 155' 7"Ages 12-13 1st-Curtis Bowen 183' 4", 2nd-Tim Gray 149' 0", 3rd-Colby Lemax 148' 10"Ages 14-15 1st-Austin Lamoreux 207' 10", 2nd-Caleb Bryant 122' 6"