North Country Hospital Cited For VOSHA Violations

NEWPORT – North Country Hospital (NCH) was cited by the Vermont Occupational Safety and Health Administration (VOSHA) for numerous violations; some which are considered serious. The hospital is facing up to $42,000 in fines.NCH became aware of the problems just days before the VOSHA inspection and immediately took action. Hospital officials are in constant communication with VOSHA to work on addressing the issues. The hospital may contest some of the alleged violations.A former employee contacted VOSHA with complaints that some employees were repeatedly exposed to blood borne pathogens and human waste in the environmental services department as well as the laundry area.The exposure came from items originating in the maternal/child area, and medical surgical clinical location. The complaint alleges that “employees have been observed exposed to blood borne pathogenic fluids with splatted blood and fecal material on their skin and mucous membranes.” Hospital administrators and infection control personnel were notified, the complaint alleges.Please see the Newport Daily Express Tuesday for the complete story.