North Country Hospital Holds 25th Annual Awards Banquet

NEWPORT, VT - When Sarah Hardin was hired as a physical therapist at North Country Hospital, she knew she’d landed a great job, but little did she know that being hired would send her on a direct course to meet her future husband, Chad Hardin. But that is just what happened.For that matter, she helped orient him to the hospital when he arrived.Although Chad no longer works at North Country, Sarah and Chad’s love lives on. “He is the love of my life,” Sarah told her colleagues at North Country’s 25th Annual Awards Banquet held at the Elks Lodge in Derby on October 15. Sarah, who was a recipient of a North Country Scholarship while attending college, was one of 69 employees recognized for their dedication to the hospital. A total of 530 years of service was recognized. Sarah was recognized for five years of service. The longest serving employee recognized was Patty Petell, a registered nurse in the operating room. She has worked at North Country for 40 years.Each year the banquet has a different theme. This year the hall was decked out in a 1950’s theme. A number of people dressed in the style of the era.The master of ceremony for the evening’s event was Claudio Fort, the President and CEO of the hospital. He talked about the successes that North Country experienced during the last year including welcoming six new doctors and one associate clinician. In all, 61 new people were hired throughout the year.Carl Roberts, a CT Technician in the Diagnostic Imaging Department, received special recognition as the V.I.P. of the year for North Country. Melanie Isabelle, the activities director at Derby Green, was recognized as that long term care facility’s employee of the year. The hospital’s Employee Activity Committee recognized Yvette Deslandes. A longtime member of the committee, Yvette retired earlier this year from North Country after 53 years of service.Among those who spoke at the festivities was Kathy Austin, the chairman of the hospital’s board of trustees. Not only did she praise the evening’s receipients, but she also commended the dedication of all of its 600 employees.“It’s an honor to be associated with the hospital,” Kathy said. “I’m proud to be representing the community on the board. You are the faces of the hospital to the community and to the patients.”As a doctor in the hospital’s Emergency Department, Marc Bouchard M.D., who is also the president of the medical staff, said he has plenty of opportunity to hear what people are saying about North Country. The following are the words of one his patients:“Wow, I didn’t have to wait long! I brought a book because I was ready to wait six hours.”He also said he often hears people talk about how impressed they are with the kindness of the hospital employees, even in stressful situations. “All these comments are a tribute to all of you who work at North Country,” Dr. Bouchard said.Following the awards segment of the evening’s event, those in attendance danced to the music of Super Sounds.