North Country Union High School: ABC Quest Focuses On Bullying

NEWPORT CITY - There may be a legal difference between bullying and harassment but as a victim of either, the definition is irrelevant. In either case it’s not legal and school administrators must enforce the law. One way to create awareness about the issue was an idea by former NCUHS faculty member Sylvia Brewster to start a student committee to combat harassment and bullying. The ABC Quest (Anti Bullying Committee) is comprised of volunteers who address the issue through presentations, positive peer pressure, and talking to elementary school students.“Some of the adults thought it would be great to start a committee that the students will take over,” recalls Kristin Beswick. “Last year we held fundraisers to raise money to provide training, to learn how parents and students should handle it and work to prevent it.”Several students designed a presentation and went to Troy Elementary School and talked to third- and fourth-grade students. The event was so well received that the third- and fourth-grade students then gave a presentation of their own to the rest of the school. Please see The Newport Daily Express Wednesday for the complete story.