Occupational Medicine: New Private Practice

NEWPORT - When North Country Hospital downsized over the summer, occupational medicine was an area that was let go.Dr. Nelson Haas and his associates, who had worked at the hospital for years, decided that what they offered was essential to the community and went out on their own and opened a private practice. The clinic, called North Star Occupational Medicine, is located in the Wellness Center building on the Crawford Road, and adjacent to the Interstate 91 access road.Dr. Haas owns the business along with Mindy Starr, who is a medical examiner, and Shirlene Geoffrey, a nurse. They have an employee, Debra Lawes, a registered nurse.The clinic provides a variety of services, including urgent care. If a person needs to see a doctor right away with a non-life threatening issue they could utilize the clinic. The clinic fees are far less than the cost of hospital emergency room rates, the owners explained. The staff would like phone calls before people come in, but walk-ins are welcome.Please see the Newport Daily Express Friday for the complete story.