From the Old to the New

NEWPORT - The Orleans County Sheriff's Department will have a new home soon - before the New Year if everything goes as planned.Currently the department is located in an old house behind the court building. The house is falling apart, has mold due to frequent flooding in the basement, and has multiple structural problems.A space on the second floor, which was being used, began to cave in, forcing employees out of the room.The foundation is collapsing and there are several holes in it."You cannot conduct business in this house," Sheriff Kirk Martin said.He said the building is not only unpleasant to work in, but unpleasant for the public as well. Parking and even finding the building are also difficult tasks.The department is moving to the former Lyndonville Saving Bank building on the Derby-Newport Road.On Tuesday, Martin received the final permit he needed for the move. The Derby Planning Commission and the Derby Zoning Board of Adjustment gave the Sheriff's Department the green light to move forward. The only thing the department is waiting on now is the final carpentry work, which is underway.The sheriff said he and the employees are really looking forward to the move.The new building will have two holding cells and plenty of room for office space and evidence storage. It will be more safe and secure, Martin said. It will also have better public visibility."It's a welcome move. It's like night and day," Martin said as he guided a tour through the new facility.The cost of the building was approximately $500,000.The Department consists of the sheriff and 22 sworn deputies, most of whom are part time. There are also three civilian personnel and office staff.