Orleans Couple Outruns Assailant

MARSHFIELD - Sometimes being a good Samaritan just doesn't pay, as two people from Orleans found out when a man pulled a gun on them and chased them at high speeds through Marshfield.June 8, around 9:50 PM, Dan Greenwood (operator, 36) and Jennifer Eldridge (passenger, 32), both of Orleans, were traveling east on US RT 2 in Marshfield, VT. As Greenwood entered the village, he observed a vehicle on the side of the road with the hazard lights flashing and a lone male outside of the vehicle. Greenwood stopped to help. The man approached Greenwood and pulled what was described as a black semi-automatic handgun from under his jacket and pointed it at Greenwood and his passenger. Greenwood immediately fled and the male jumped back into his vehicle and pursued. Greenwood said the chase started on RT 2. Greenwood turned onto Creamery Street and was heading west toward East Calais. He said the other vehicle was very close behind him. However, when the road turned from pavement to dirt, he was able to create some distance.Not knowing how far back the other vehicle was or if it was still pursuing him, Greenwood continued west at a high rate of speed. Not knowing the area, Greenwood was unaware that the road ended at RT 14, at which point one would have to make a 90-degree turn and go around a church.  Greenwood approached that point at a reported speed of about 50 mph before realizing that the road ended. He was unable to make the sharp turn and applied his brakes, skidding. His vehicle collided with a stone wall and went over the edge.  The vehicle, a 2001 Dodge Ram truck, got hung up on the wall and was teetering over the 10 foot drop. Neither Greenwood nor his passenger was injured. A passerby hooked onto the truck and pulled it off the wall. The truck sustained damage to the front end and undercarriage.Greenwood was unaware if his vehicle was shot at or not. However, a resident in East Calais reported that he was outside at the time. A few minutes before the crash, he reported hearing what he believed was a gunshot in the direction from which Greenwood came.  He did not see any other vehicles, however.The male of the other vehicle was described as a black male, approximately six foot tall, with short hair. The vehicle was described as a small, green vehicle, possibly a Honda Civic or Ford Escort type.No action was taken against Greenwood. The suspect was not located.Anyone with information is asked to contact Sgt. Ray LeBlanc at the State Police barracks in Middlesex at 802-229-9191.