NEWPORT - Roger Pion, the man accused of smashing seven Orleans County Sheriff's cruisers demolition style with a tractor, has posted bail. He still remains in custody, however, while he serves a couple more weeks of time on a February conviction for disorderly conduct.Judge Robert Bent ordered Pion held on $50,000 at his Aug. 7 arraignment, but Pion's friends and family have been raising money through an online website. Pion pleaded innocent to the charges, with the judge dismissing a count of impeding a police officer.Some area residents have dubbed Pion "the Magnificent" and voiced their support for him, saying the police had hounded him for years and pushed him over the edge. One friend, Tina Thompson, told reporters that police had stopped Pion the night before the incident, although he was not arrested at the time.According to Pion's attorney, David Sleigh, donations for Pion's defense are coming in from all over the globe. The story went viral right after it happened, hitting Facebook while Pion was being booked. The story has been reported on Fox News and CNN and has shown up in televised broadcasts as far as way as New Zealand and in foreign language newspapers.No one yet has figured out who will pay for the damages to the Orleans County Sheriff's cruisers, including damages to the cages, radios, radar detectors and weapons in them. Some of that material may be covered by insurance, but those figures are not known. The vehicles were totaled and other sheriff's departments have contributed resources to the Orleans County Sheriff's Department.