Police Find Pot Man Forgot He Had

NEWPORT CITY – A welfare check requested by a concerned neighbor resulted in the arrest of a North Troy man charged with possession of marijuana. Jacob Bordeau, 29, entered a plea of not guilty to a felony charge of possession of marijuana in Orleans District Court Tuesday.When State Trooper Debra Munson and Sgt. Larry Smith arrived at the Bordeau home, they saw Bordeau lying in bed with his children next to him. Bordeau eventually woke up and made his way to the door. Smith said he saw a glass pipe used for smoking marijuana on the kitchen table and what appeared to be a marijuana cigarette on the kitchen floor.The caller had been concerned that Bordeau had left his two children alone while he walked to the store. The caller also believed Bordeau was intoxicated as he was stumbling around in the road.Prior to responding, Smith discovered that Bordeau had an arrest warrant for failure to appear on a charge of driving with a suspended license. The bail on the warrant was $500.Bordeau reportedly told Smith that he often smokes dope and admitted to owning the marijuana. He then denied having any more marijuana and invited the police to look around.A consensual search of the house turned up a large amount of marijuana on a table, a second bag with a large amount of dried leaves, another glass container of processed marijuana, a small set of scales on a table with some scissors and papers, a stem hanging from a wall painting with what appeared to be a marijuana bud dying on it, and dried marijuana shake all over the table, according to Smith.Bordeau, when questioned about the items, said he had forgotten they were there. When police asked if there was any more marijuana, Bordeau told police to look over a mirror in his bedroom. There, Bordeau pointed to three plant stems. Smith said the stems were saturated with marijuana buds and the entire room smelled of dried marijuana. Bordeau denied growing or selling marijuana and said he had found it while bird hunting. Bordeau said he had just one plant. Bordeau offered to show Smith where he found the plants. Bordeau said he uses scales so he could smoke the same amount every time.Smith and Munson collected the marijuana, placed it in paper bags and transported it back to the barracks. Smith said the leaves weighed 58 grams aggregated. The marijuana buds weighed 221 grams aggregate, but were not dry.