Police Go to the Net for Fundraiser

NEWPORT CITY – Saturday, Nov. 12, promises to be an exciting evening as the Court Jesters take on local law enforcement officers at North Country Union High School. The basketball game will start at 7 p.m. According to their website, the Court Jesters are a group of highly talented former college and professional basketball players with great showmanship. Over the next few weeks, East Coast Marketing will be contacting area businesses to sponsor an advertisement in the program booklet. The booklet will be handed out at the event and everyone who helps will receive complimentary tickets to the show. Tickets can be purchased by donation. Proceeds will benefit Newport Police Explorer Program Post #817. Officer Royce Lancaster hopes to use some of the money to buy equipment for the Explorers. Currently, they use equipment no longer used by police officers. The Newport City Police Explorer program has been in existence since 1994. Some past members have become law enforcement officers and Border Patrol officers and others have joined the military.“We feel we had some pretty good success with the program,” said Lancaster. In the past, the Explorers helped with parking at the Orleans County Fair. However, a decrease in members made it difficult to meet the needs of the fair. Lancaster is not sure why numbers are down, but hopes the event will gain some new interest. Lancaster said he’d like to see the event raise at least $500.“If it goes well, we’re talking about trying to do it every other year,” he said.Anyone who would like to help may call Lancaster at 334-6733.