Police respond to screams for help in Derby choking case

NEWPORT, VT - Travis Collins, 21, of Derby, plead innocent Monday to charges of second degree felony unlawful restraint and misdemeanor domestic assault after he allegedly attacked and choked his wife, forced her into a car and drove her to their home where police finally caught up with the couple.The incident began shortly before midnight Sunday when Collins and his wife, accompanied by Gordon Sayers, went to the residence of Sayers’ girlfriend on West Street in Derby where the two couples were drinking. A short time later, the victim told police, Collins held her down against her will and tried to choke her. She said she screamed and kicked and defended herself "as best I could," and then she went outside where Collins reportedly forced her into the car and drove off with her, forcing her down in the car during the trip.Police received a call around 1:30 a.m. about a woman screaming on West Street in Derby and being forced into a car. When they arrived, Collins was already gone. Around 2:15 a.m., the victim called and told police that Collins had assaulted her at the West Street residence and at a residence on the Cross Road in Derby.Troopers Brian Connor and Rajesh Hailey went to the Cross Road address and spoke with the victim and the accused. The victim repeated her story and said she was "scared for her life" when Collins was choking her.In her statement, the victim said, "I was wondering if he was going to kill me at Gordon's girlfriend's house."Collins was arrested and taken to the Vermont State Police barracks in Derby where he was processed. He was initially held on $1,000 bail.At his arraignment on Monday, Collins was released without bail but with multiple conditions, including conditions that he not be within 300 feet of the victim, her residence, her vehicle or her place of work; that he not contact or harass her; and that he submit a sample of his DNA to the Vermont State Police.