Police Victimized by Practical Prison Joker

WATERBURY, VT - Vermont State Police like a joke as much as the next guy, but prisoners at the Vermont Correctional Industries Print Shop may have gone too far.On Feb. 1, a member of the state police noticed something odd about the new decals on the doors of the police cruisers. The emblem, which features the seal of the State of Vermont, includes a brown and white (actually tan) cow in the right hand bottom corner. The cow is covered with spots of varying sizes and shapes, including a rather large one on the cow's shoulder blade - in the shape of a pig.Vermont State Police Fleet Services believes that maybe 30 cruisers have been "decorated" with the new decal over the past year. All 60 16-inch door decals will have to be replaced, sooner or later, at taxpayer expense.“While some may find humor in the decal modifications,” said Major Bill Sheets, Support Services Commander, “the joke unfortunately comes at the expense of the tax payers.”In the meantime, police will have to get used to some good humored finger pointing.More supervision may be needed for future decals.