Prue Places 5th in Bodybuilding Debut

After 3 years of working out and training at Kingdom Racquet & Fitness Club in Newport, VT, 23 year old Andrew Prue was convinced by owner Dave Gauvin to see how his hard work in the gym compares to others in the sport of bodybuilding. After finding a competition with a debut class, Prue submitted the fees to the Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders and decided to compete in Amherst, Massachusetts at the OCB Bay State Never Surrender, a natural bodybuilding competition. A month before the competition, Prue was introduced to local and long time bodybuilder Bobby Lepage of Derby, to learn about the sport and the poses that go with it. Not only did Lepage help him with the poses but also assigned Prue a strict diet consisting of white meats with no seasoning, salads with no dressings, fruit, greens, oatmeal, and protein shakes. After two months of vigorous training and dieting, Prue competed on June 25th in the Men's Debut Class and the Men's Novice Class. The OCB only hands awards out to the top five competitors in each class. Prue didn't come home empty handed as he placed 5th in the Men's Debut, but did not crack the top five in the Men's Novice Class. Prue says he will use the non placing as motivation in the gym for a future competition next year. Prue would like to thank Dave and KRFC GeneralManager Marnie Willis for all their help at the gym. Bobby Lepage for all his help and support. All the guys at Kingdom Racquet & Fitness for pushing him to his limits, and a special thanks to Katie Prue, Erin Karasinski, Dane Martin, Zack Frawley, Britney McCarthy, Danielle Nelson, and Valerie Zapata for all their support at the competition.