PSB Cracks Down On Kidder Hill Complaint

On the left landowner Robert Garthwaite listens as energy developer David Blittersdorf points in the direction of the proposed site for a wind turbine.
Ed Barber
Staff Writer

The Public Service Board special council Megan Ludwig has posed 11 question's renewable energy developer David Blittersdorf must answer by March 23rd. In April 2016 neighbor Robert Garthwaite filed a complaint alleging the Certificate of Public Good has been violated as the two residential wind turbines aren't located properly. Garthwaite claims one tower is within 700 feet of his season home. Blittersdorf must provide sworn testimony of the proposed location of the towers, the actual location, the distance from residential dwellings, and the number of dwellings within a mile radius. He is asked to admit the PSB asked about visibility of the towers to adjourning home owners, and he did not respond accurately. Read more in the Newport Daily Express.