NEWPORT – From cell phones to searches, the North Country Supervisory Union makes the rules that affect our children.Reviewing school policies may sound like tedious work, but the North Country Supervisory Union's policy committee is mandated by the state to review policies annually. “We've tried to narrow the number of policies to thirteen,” said superintendent Dr. Robert Kern. “They will appear in the student handbook so parents will know what the policies are.”Some of the policy changes are rather subtle but improve upon the intent of the current language. A policy on job descriptions now requires the superintendent or respective site principal to present for approval to the school board a job description for a position. Prior language did not require a job description before offering a candidate a job.“It's good for the principal to know what the job entails,” remarked committee chair Steve Mason. “A job description should be developed first, before hiring.”For more of this story, see Tuesday's edition of The Newport Daily Express for April 23, 2013.