Rabid Coon Reported in Derby

DERBY - A Derby man reported being bit by a rabid raccoon in Derby yesterday.Stan Davis, of Nelson Hill Road, arrived at home to find the animal hanging around his house, "acting strange, making pathetic noises and growling," Davis said.Davis described the animal as three-fourths grown.Davis' wife kept an eye on the creature as Davis went for a gun, but before Davis could shoot the animal, the raccoon bit Davis in the leg. Davis then chased the coon and eventually killed it.Fortunately, the bite was not deep, but Davis still had to go to the emergency room for treatment and a shot. Davis said the shot was uncomfortable but not too bad. The hard part, he said, was waiting around.Apparently the medicine has to be made on demand and the ingredients depend on an individual's weight. Your neighborhood doctor may not have the ingredients on hand and advises patients to seek treatment at the hospital emergency room.Davis reported the incident to the police and a local game warden and wants everyone to be aware that rabid coons are in the area. He said he was glad he didn't let his dogs out of the house before finding the animal.Davis' advice to others: Call 911 if you get bit and don't be shy; they're there to help. And keep a number for the game warden close to the phone.Rabies can cause death, so be careful!