Rangers Best Winooski 3-1

NEWPORT–Poor field conditions at Lake Region forced the Lady Rangers to head up to their old rival North Country's home turf to take on Winooski Monday afternoon."We are grateful to North Country for letting us use their field," said Coach Urie of the Falcons generosity.The Rangers Tyrah Urie would net all three goals for LR, pacing the team to a 3-1 win over the Spartans.Lake Region came out early with pressure, forcing Spartan goalie Shelby Alger to make several first half saves.Ten minutes into the first, it looked like the Lady Rangers were going to take the lead, but Ashley Locke's shot bounced harmlessly off the left post and out of the danger zone.Nine minutes later it would be the Rangers catching a lucky break as the officials missed a handball inside the LR 18, thus averting a penalty kick.After the no call, Lake Region turned the ball up the field and continued their assault on the Winooski net.Number three would get her first goal when Caitlyn Bernier made a nice pass from the right side of the net to Urie who made a shuffle step and slid the ball past Alger with nine minutes to play in the half."When she gets the ball, she is going to score," said Urie, "We just need to get the ball to her to make it happen."The Rangers would make it happen two more times in the contest, but not before some strong Winooski pressure for the next twenty plus minutes.The Spartans picked up their game after Urie's goal, and closed the half with a flurry in front of the LR net.The surging Winooski club continued to play good ball in the beginning of the second, as they won 50/50 balls and make smart passes.The problem for the Spartans was that they could not hit the net consistently, and when they did get the ball on goal, Jordyn Cowles did not have to move very much to make the saves.The Rangers also had a hard time making space for themselves when the advanced up the field."We are a team built on speed, this field was a little narrower than we are used to, so we did end up bunching up a little bit, but as the half wore on I thought we were able to switch fields a little better and got off some nice crosses," said Urie of his teams' brief let up.The Lady Rangers seemed shake off their lethargic start to the half when they went up 2-0 on Urie's second goal of the game at the 27:52 marker, but Winooski was not about to roll over just yet.Katie Decarreau had a great chance to got her team on the board, but sailed her shot over Cowles and the net into the North Country parking lot.Christina Dang also had a golden opportunity coming down the left side, but a Ranger defender was able to catch up the her and strip the ball away.Going the other way, it appeared that Lake Region had gone up 3-0 on a nice cross from Brett Chamberlin to Bernier, but the goal was called back due to a hand ball.The Spartans finally got on the scoreboard when Brianna Robare was able to get the ball up and over Cowles with 5:40 remaining.Urie would complete the hat trick and restore the two goal margin two minutes after the Robare goal.Corrina Cota's corner kick, probably the strongest ball of the afternoon, created some LR pressure in front of the Winooski net and Tyrah was able to charge the net and put the game away for the Lady Rangers.On her hat-trick Urie said simply "It felt good", but when asked about her team she admitted they had a few lapses but they "were able to shake them off and things turned out well,"After the game Coach Urie said it was nice that they were able to rest some players, but also stated that several of his players are still pretty banged up. "Cailyn Gallup is pretty much playing on one leg, but she continues to play out there. Our freshman keeper played pretty well, she made one little mistake, but other than that it was good."Now it is on to face Hazen at home (hopefully) on Wednesday at 4:00