Rumors Fly Over Starr Transport

NORTH TROY - Rumors are running rampant around town that Starr's Trucking in North Troy is filing for bankruptcy protection. However, Eric Starr, the business' financial executive, has denied the allegations and the bankruptcy court in Rutland confirmed that nothing has been filed with them. Starr said Monday that the business is doing fine and they are not filing for bankruptcy. But rumors continued to spread. Wednesday, Steve Standish, who works at the garage, was surprised by the rumors and said that there are always rumors about the business that are not true. He said 18 of the company’s trucks are currently around the United States working.One rumor is that Bellavance Trucking in Barre is buying up some of Starr's trucks. In a telephone interview, a representative of Bellavance Trucking reported that nothing has been agreed upon "yet" regarding the purchase of some or all of Starr's trucks, and that the company won't address any questions until next week.