Spreading Kindness In The NEK with Rock Art

Staff Writer

Northeast Kingdom community members are spreading words of love and inspiration through the Kindness Rock Project.

According to a video on thekindnessrocksproject.com, the Kindness Rock Project started when a woman began collecting heart shaped rocks in memory of her father and a sea glass in memory of her mother, both of whom she lost when she was young. One day she took a Sharpie pen with her that she used to write messages on five rocks she came across before she placed them back down again. That night her friend sent her a picture of a rock she found with a message written on it. The woman who thought the discovery was odd because she didn’t tell anyone she wrote on the rocks suggested maybe her friend recognized her handwriting and knew she walked that beach every day. During the conversation, the friend told the woman that if she did leave it there, she just made her day.

“I thought, I have something here,” she said in the video.