Stabbing Suspect Fails to Show

NEWPORT CITY – Anthony "Running Bear" Oxendine is wanted on a charge of aggravated assault for stabbing a Barton man Wednesday, then failing to show up for arraignment yesterday. Robert Bent set bail at $75,000.The purported victim, Todd Medeiros of Barton, was bleeding from deep gashes to his arm and head when he knocked on doors on Water Street looking for help. Senior Trooper Ben Shelp responded and found Medeiros sitting on the floor of a home and using a blanket to cover his arm. His face was covered in blood and he told the trooper that someone had tried to kill him.The owners of the home told Shelp that the victim and someone they called Anthony or Running Bear had been at their house earlier in the day and that the altercation happened while at a local bar.Shelp and Sgt. Mike LaCorse responded to the Lake Side Saloon where they met up with the suspect, Oxendine, who said he got into a fight with Medeiros near the bar. Oxendine said Medeiros was angry when he arrived at the bar and had hit Oxendine in the head with a pistol. Oxendine wrestled Medeiros for the gun, but gave it back to him, he said. From page one.Oxendine said he then "retreated" to the alley and Meideiros showed up a little while later covered in blood and looking like he’d been in a fight. When asked by police, Oxedine said he didn’t carry knives or guns. Police found signs of a struggle and blood at the scene, including blood inside Medeiros' vehicle. Oxendine did not appear to have blood on his clothing and police did not find a knife. Later, Medeiros turned a handgun over to police; he had the gun at his home. Police noted the gun did not appear to have blood on it.Witnesses told police they saw the men fighting and both had knifes, but neither person saw stabbing or bleeding and no one reported seeing a gun.After being treated at the hospital, Medieros met with Shelp at the Cumberland Farms Store in Newport. Medieros said he confronted Oxendine who had solicited one of the witnesses for sex. Medieros said both he and Oxendine mutually participated in the fight. Mediero said that after the fight, he brought Oxendine to the Lake House Saloon for a drink. Medeiros said another argument ensued. He said he locked the gun in his truck and didn’t remember seeing a knife but remembered being cut. During a June 10 interview with police, Medeiros said he did see Oxendine with a knife.Oxendine was cited to appear in Orleans Court for arraignment yesterday but failed to show.