State Asked to Investigate Illegal Dumping

HOLLAND – Local farmer Keith Gray confirmed Monday that illegal dumping is occurring on his property, and he says he doesn’t allow it. Gray was contacted Monday afternoon regarding the issue. Gray said he went up to the site, an old gravel pit on Bullis Road in Holland, Monday evening to look around. He said he found some rubbish, but it has been worse in the past.Tuesday afternoon the gravel pit had a neat pile of rubbish off to the side, and all around what appeared to be freshly turned-over soil with deep tire tracks made from large equipment. Sticking out of the soil in several locations were milk hoses and milking machine parts. At the edge is a steep embankment and rubbish can be seen in several locations, including sticking out of the side of the land.A couple of trucks and trailers that appear old and not operational are also sitting near by the gravel pit in a field.Holland Town Clerk Diane Judd said she has received complaints that an illegal dump site is located there and was instructed by the Holland Select Board to file a complaint with the Agency of Natural Resources, which she did.Gray said he thinks people clean up their property and drive out to his gravel pit and use it to discard rubbish because it is located in a remote location, and the problem is on-going, he said.Paul Tomasi with the Waste Management District said that illegal dumping is a problem in many locations when people want to dispose of items that have no value, such as couches. Tomasi said he had not heard about illegal dumping occurring at the Gray location.Gray said he is working with the state to stop the dumping and is considering putting up signs and possibly a gate.Recently he found a couch and rabbit cages among other items in his gravel pit. Gray has been forced to clean up the problem in the past, he said, noting that there are dumpsters located throughout his property and many people also use those as well to get rid of trash.The gravel pit is only used once or twice a month for the farm, and with so many acres of land, it can be difficult to see what is going on in the area of the gravel pit, Gray explained.