Theft Victim Hunts Down Stolen Property

NEWPORT CITY – State police say a Newport man stole $6,200 from the father of his former girlfriend, and the father followed the clues to the doorstep of the accused.Tuesday, Daniel Beaumont, 23, entered pleas of not guilty to a felony charge of grand larceny and a misdemeanor charge of possession of a depressant, stimulant or narcotic.On Sept. 27, 2010, Todd Willis reported that someone stole a lockbox located in a closet in his Derby home. The box contained cash wrapped in currency wrappers and the bills were in sequential order. The box also contained several vehicle titles. Willis said the box was stolen between Sept. 25 and Sept. 27, 2010. Willis said that his daughter’s former boyfriend, Daniel Beaumont, had recently been in the house. Wills’ daughter, Abby Willis, told Sgt. Michael LaCourse that Beaumont called her and sent her text messages several times. She said Beaumont wanted to know if her parents were home because he wanted to visit. Beaumont eventually stopped by and the two went to her bedroom where Beaumont had Abby Willis look up a website on her computer. While she did that, Beaumont asked to use the bathroom. Instead of using the bathroom near her bedroom, Beaumont used one elsewhere in the house. Abby Willis said that, at one point, she stepped into the hallway to see what was keeping Beaumont so long and thought she heard drawers opening and closing in the house, but didn’t know where the sounds were coming from. Todd Willis called Beaumont’s residence and spoke with Beaumont’s roommate, Corey Peck. Willis told Peck that he was missing the property and that he suspected Beaumont. Willis said Peck invited him to look for his property at their residence in West Charleston. When Willis got to the residence, Peck said he had found three paper currency wrappers in a garbage can. Willis identified the wrappers as being the ones that contained the $6,000. Peck said he had seen the wrappers on the bathroom counter that morning but didn’t think anything of it until Willis informed him of the theft. Willis walked through the residence but didn’t recognize any other property.Peck said that Beaumont had gone to Manchester, N.H., to look for an apartment to rent at a complex known as Woodedge Estate. Sgt. LaCourse spoke with the Woodedge Estate property manager who confirmed Beaumont had been at the facility. She said Beaumont told her he had saved $6,000 to get him started. Willis then went to Beaumont’s residence to confront him but couldn't find him. He said he found his lockbox while searching through Beaumont’s car. Sgt. Lacourse responded to the Beaumont residence. Beaumont denied being involved in the matter and denied a request to search his vehicle. LaCourse seized the car and had it towed to the Derby State Police Barracks.LaCourse said that Beaumont advised there were medications in the car that belonged to a student who attends the school where he is employed. A police dog, during an exterior search, reportedly alerted to the presence of illegal drugs. Sgt. LaCourse obtained a search warrant from Judge Robert Bent. During the search, LaCourse found a small cellophane baggie containing six small green pills identified as Oxycodone. LaCourse also located a light colored lockbox in the trunk of the vehicle. LaCourse said the key Willis gave him fit the lock and allowed the assembly to turn. However, the locking assembly appeared damaged. During the investigation, LaCourse learned that Beaumont’s half-brother, Harmon Tessier, may have information regarding the incident. LaCourse met with Tessier who recalled being with Beaumont at Willis’ place. Tessier said he and Beaumont pulled into the back of the dealership and faced Willis’ house. Tessier said Beaumont told him to wait while he grabbed something. Tessier said Beaumont went inside the residence for a short time. When he came outside, Beaumont went to the side of the residence, picked up a light colored box off the lawn, and brought it to the vehicle. Tessier said Beaumont told him that Abby Willis threw the box out of the window and it contained his bills and checks.Tessier said he and Beaumont went to Beaumont’s residence in Charleston and Beaumont brought the box inside. Tessier said that Jamie Sykes and another female whom he didn’t know came to the residence and met with Beaumont in a another room. Tessier said he heard them talking about how to get into the box.